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Harpist NTH01
Cumbria, Northumberland
, Co. Durham, Lancashire &
Southern Scotland

Harpist Anna H Cumbria image

She studied music and the harp at the University of Exeter.  She has played the harp at numerous concerts, weddings, receptions and dinners at venues throughout Britain.  In recent years she has made several solo appearances at concerts in Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival, a reviewer describing one of her performances as ‘delicately delicious’. 

As one half of the soprano and harp duet Musica Serena she has performed at weddings and given a number of recitals both in Edinburgh and throughout south-east Scotland. 

She now lives in Cumbria and is available to play either as a soloist or as part of the duet Musica Serena across northern England (Cumbria, County Durham, Northumberland, Lancashire) and southern Scotland.  She is happy to make special arrangements of pieces for the harp and/or harp and voice on request.   


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