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My repertoire includes traditional music, light classical and jazz pieces, I am happy to learn any piece of music chosen by the client provided it can actually be played on the lever harp.  I also sing and so am often asked to sing during the signing of the register of for the first dance. 

I also offer a special extra for clients who want to include something more for their loved ones.  A composition dedicated to the couple, to keep for their whole lives as a real memory of the happy day.  This extra option includes a recording and written copy of the dedicated piece of music as well as the performance on the day.  Clients can also add their own touch, I can put music to a poem written by the client of simply just a few words put to music.

My basic ceremony package includes 15 minutes background music before and after the ceremony and the clients choice of music for walking down the aisle, signing the register and walking back up the aisle, these choices can be instrumental pieces, or songs for no extra cost.

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