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Harpist SE07 References

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Dear Mandy, 

I was extremely impressed with harpist SE07íS performance on my birthday.  She made the occasion very special.  All my guests said how much they enjoyed her music.  I would certainly recommend her.  I have attached a photo of her playing.

Many thanks, Melanie

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Reference 6

Our harpist gave a wonderful musical contribution to our wedding day. Great musical variety, great performance and style. Punctual and clearly understood the timing and general layout of the wedding and the day. Just fitted perfectly into the background, everyone was aware of the beautiful music, but it didn't overpower or take away from the main wedding events. Would definitely recommend.
Many thanks


Reference 7

Hi Mandy

Many thanks for your note. Here are a few words for you!

 Harpist SE07 was wonderful. She had a broad repertoire and was able to adapt her performance at the request of our guests at our recent party. Personable, prompt and skilled SE07 would be great at any occasion where harp accompaniment is a bonus.






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