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Harpist SE21 Reference 3

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Text Version Of Harpist SE21 Reference 3;

I hope you are well.

We can't believe we've been married for over 2 months! We are really sorry it's taken so long to write and say thank you. 

You were such a beautiful part and I know Jezz especially loved and appreciated the calming atmosphere you created before I got to the Church!..... thank you so much.

A quick note also that's quite exciting. There is a possibility that our wedding will be in part of a future issue of 'Cosmo Bride' or 'You and your wedding'. Chloe our photographer was contacted when they saw her blog... so we have been asked to answer lots of questions about the planning and our big day itself. It's been so lovely reliving it all!

We don't know what they will print, but we have sung your praises! ....and have loved doing so... we have highly recommending you to any future couples. We'll let you know when the issue comes out - and which of the 2 magazines it goes into.

There are lots more beautiful photos that Chloe has taken including some of you playing. I'll send them all to you soon as you may like them for your website / portfolio. We're moving up to Oxfordshire soon along with lots of other things... so I'll be able to do this within the next few weeks.

Looking forward to being in touch soon.

Have a lovely weekend,

Jo and Jezz

Joanna and Jeremy Scoones

07887 627 ???