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Harpist SW03
Including; Dorset, Somerset,
Devon, Cornwall, Wiltshire, Avon,

This Harpist was born in Hampshire. She read music at Exeter University, travelling to the Royal College of Music in London for her harp studies.

She gives around one hundred performances a year from formal recitals in historic houses or on specialist arts cruises to weddings and funerals. Her extensive study of Victorian fairy harp music resulted in a successful CD with worldwide distribution. She has also contributed to a CD of chamber music by the composer Paul Lewis also distributed worldwide. In 1998, she recorded a solo library disc for Studio G, from which her own compositions have been used by ITV, the BBC and by Irish, Japanese and Canadian film, radio and television. Her CD Concert Favourites includes some of her own compositions. Last year, she featured in the ITV series Landscapes about artistes in the South West, and performed on Australian Classic FM. In May 2006 she was the only British performer to be shortlisted for Best Classical Event Award in the combined Brighton Festivals, England's largest Arts Festival.

Her unique research into Victorian Fairy Harp Music has led to many quaint adventures - radio and TV broadcasts, including a half-hour Radio 4 documentary; on the West End stage with actor Simon Callow in a show for which she also wrote the songs; at the Royal Academy of Art exhibition of Victorian fairy paintings; at Prince Charles' unveiling of the restored fairy oak tree in Kensington Gardens; involvement with Dragons, Elfes et fées, a major French exhibition and an appearance in award-winning Canadian television documentary, The Fairy Faith. All this and more besides making her England's unofficial Fairy Harpist!

Her uniquely rich tone on the harp has graced several film/TV soundtracks including more than fifty episodes of ITV's magical children's series Bernard's Watch which has been shown in over 30 countries including America, Canada, Iceland, Kenya, Iran, South Africa, Poland and Cyprus. She is currently in talks with Bristol Silents to improvise harp music for silent film screenings, making her the world's only silent movie harpist.

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