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Harpist W11 References

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'Words do not describe the immensity of compassion, skill and professionalism that this young lady carries with her. Her musical ability is of highest quality and dedication is equal to it.'
Christina Tourin, Director, Intl Harp Therapy Program & World Harp Orchestra, Oct 2005
'Who charmed the audience at the assembly with her beautiful harp music'.
WOYLA-The most significant Assembly of Women In The World.

'She is a truly magical performer with her passionate philosophy of life deeply ingrained in her every accomplishment'
Professional Issues, Women In Education Network, Nov 2004

'It was not only her musical ability with her harp and voice, but also her demonstration of courage, used to describe her performance were brilliant, inspirational and wonderful.'
Stress Managers, June 2003
'Her striking appearance, beautiful voice and exceptional harp playing is mesmerizing and will be appreciated by all. Her lovely personality radiates through all she does '.
Macgregor PR & Marketing, 2003
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