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If you are a person or organisation that supplies a service, product, organises events or information that has anything to do with the harp, harpists or the harping fraternity in any way then please submit your details using the form below. If your listing does not fit in to one of our categories, please feel free to suggest a new category for consideration.

Free Listing;  A listing is FREE of charge. All we ask, is you put a link on your website to the UK section of the Harpist Directory or one of our sister websites. We will not ask you to provide a link that might cause a conflict of interest and we will offer you a choice of links to choose from. These free listings are available to non profit & commercial websites.

Paid Listing;  If you can't link back to us, you can pay a small fee to get listed if you wish. This would be a one off payment of £8.00 (GBP) paid via PayPal. If you choose this method, please CLICK HERE to make payment and then return to this page and complete the form. The payment is to cover the time and resources spent reviewing and processing your listing.

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I have had a few questions from harpists about these listings, so Iíll answer them here so that everyone can see the answers.

Q; I live near the border of 2 states and on the border between 2 countries, can I have a listing in more than one area?

A; Yes, but there are conditions. You must provide different text for each listing and you must provide a different link to us for each listing.

Q; I have friends who are harpists and a friend that makes harps, can they get listed as well?

A; Yes thatís fine, just email them the link to this page so they can complete the form. They will also need to provide a link back to us from their website.

Q; Apart from being a soloist I also play as part of a harp and flute duo, and a harp & violin duo. Can I list these ensembles as well?

A; Yes, but only if they have a different web address or webpage and again they will have to give a link to our website. If you donít have another website, you can always mention the duo within the text of your listing.

If you have a question that is not answered here, then please Email Us.

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